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We offer specific products designed for the informal sector that provide protection for all self-employed businessmen and businesswomen.

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Credibility and Quality customer service are our hallmark.
Our claim payments are as swift as a flash and processed within 24 /48 hours.
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You can depend on us to get very good and comprehensive services

Our Values Our Missions Our Goals
Efficiency and accuracy in service delivery
Having a sense of urgency.
High sense of professionalism.
Using technology to provide innovative service delivery
Hard work and continuous personal development.
To offer value-priced Life Assurance and other financial products and services to meet the varying needs of the insuring public.
To be a well managed, financially sound and customer-oriented Life Assurance Company in Ghana.
Quality Life Assurance Company Limited (QLAC) is proud of the fact that about thousands of lives are part of our family.
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Quality Life Assurance Products and Services

The Company offers a wide range of Life Assurance products that meet the diversified needs of the insuring public.

All Group Products Individual Products Micro Insurance Products

Quality Group Loan Protection Plan

Let us take care of your outstanding debt with creditors when you die during your…

Quality Keyman Protection Plan

We protect the account of financial institutions (Banks) who advance huge loans to some of…

Quality Group Life Plan

This is an annual renewable term policy that provides life cover, disability and critical illness…

Quality Group Mortgage Protection Plan

The policy is used to insure the outstanding balance of a mortgage facility obtained by…

Quality Funeral Support Plan

A whole life insurance with level premium payments that provides level death benefits in the…

Quality Education Plan

The policy develops Investment Account and Cash Values through periodic contributions.

Quality Investment Plan

Accumulate substantial funds towards your retirement through consistent, regular periodic contributions

Quality Smart Plan

This plan is designed to provide both Survival and Death Benefits for the insured. The…

Emma No Ento Wo Ansa

This is a term life insurance policy with a Savings Plan (i.e.Susu Fund) geared towards…

Wo Ba Daakye

The Quality Life “Wo Ba Daakye” Plan is a term insurance policy with a savings…

Fa Bi Sie

The Quality Life “Fa Bi Sie” Plan is a pure term insurance policy with a…

Quality Group Welfare Plan

This is an annual renewable term policy that provides welfare cover, disability and critical illness…