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Emma No Ento Wo Ansa

The Quality Life “Emma No Ento Wo Ansa” Plan is a term life insurance policy with a Savings Plan (i.e.Susu Fund) geared towards providing level death benefits for individuals within the informal sector. It provides funds to help defray funeral-related expenses for members within the informal market. 

The base policy covers the primary insured and automatically covers three children aged up to 18 years. The policyholder has the option of nominating additional lives to be covered under the policy including his/her spouse and up to a maximum of four parents/parents-in-law. The maximum number of insured lives per policy is nine lives.

Policy Term

The duration of the policy is fixed at five years. The policyholder has the option at inception to elect the level of life cover for each insured life under the policy from the packages on offer as well as the number of lives to be insured under the policy


Monthly policy charges (i.e. risk premiums and administrative charges) will be applied to the Susu Fund at the beginning of each month whiles the policy is in force. Community rating shall be applied on this policy. Thus, only one premium rate per type of insured (i.e. primary, spouse, parents/parents-in-law, children) is set for this plan so far as the insured falls within the respective eligible age band.


Interest on the balance in the Susu Fund shall be credited monthly at a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 5% per annum. Interest on each current month’s total contributions shall be credited at the end of the month but for a half month duration whilst the balance in the Susu Fund as at the beginning of the current month shall be credited with interest for the full month. The guaranteed interest rate will be reviewed annually.

Age Table- Issue & Expiry

The Plan is targeted at young people (both married and unmarried) employed within the informal sector with dependent children and older parents and parent-in-laws to take care of while living and financially responsible for a fitting funeral for parents and parents-in-law.

Insured   Minimum Issue Age (yrs.) Maximum Issue Age (yrs.) Terminal Age (yrs.)
Primary Insured 18 59 64
Spouse 18 59 64
Child(ren) 2 months 18 23
Parent(s)/Parent(s)-In-Law 45 70 75
Benefits Packages

The table below gives the details of the various benefit packages under this policy.

Life Insured

Benefit Packages (GH¢)





Primary Insured















Parents / Parents-in-law





Total Max Limit Per Policy






Also, each benefit package offered under this policy has six (6) options. These options vary by the combination of insured lives. Each policy automatically covers 3 children. The options offered under each benefit package under the policy are as follows:


Insured Lives


Primary Insured only


Primary Insured + Spouse


Option B + 1 parent/parent-in-law


Option B + 2 parent/parent-in-law


Option B + 3 parent/parent-in-law


Option B + 4 parent/parent-in-law

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a set of answered questions categorized under the respective topics for your convenience. Kindly browse through for answers to your questions. Chances are the questions you may want to ask have already been answered.

Who can I contact for further information?
if you require further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to call your QLAC sales representatives, or the nearest QLAC office.
  • Who can take this policy?
    All parents and guardians above 18 years re eligible to take the policy. Guardians aged 60yrs and above can invest with interest but limited risk benefits.
  • What are the optional packages that comes with this policy?
    1. Waiver of premiums on Death of the guardian/parent: The Company pays the premium on behalf of the parent/guardian up to the Maturity period
    2. Waiver of premiums on Death or Disability benefit: When the assured dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled, no premium is due from the assured for the unexpired policy term. However the Company assumes the responsibility of paying the premiums for the rest of the premium paying period.
    3. Immediate Death Benefit: On the death of the guardian, the appropriate Sum Assured.(ie estimated maturity value) at the time of death is added to the investment account and paid in bulk to the beneficiary for the education/training of the child.
  • What if I am unable to contribute regularly?
    If the account value in any month is less than the monthly deduction for that month, a grace period of one month would be granted for the premium to be paid. Failure to pay the premium after the grace period renders the policy invalid.
  • Can I increase my premium?
    Certainly yes. In order to stand the effects of inflation and accumulate more funds, the policy holder may choose from time to time to increase his/her periodic premium.
  • What is the premium payment frequency?
    Premiums are paid either on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. No claims will be paid when the policy is not in force or premiums are in arrears.
  • What is waiting period?
    The waiting period is six (6) months from the inception of the cover. During this period, no claim will be paid except claims in the event of unnatural or accidental death.
  • Do I need to declare my medical information
    YES. All you have to do is answer the medical questions applicable to you and the assured. Medical examination may be required where necessary.