who are we?

You can depend on us to get a good services

Our Values Our Mission Our Philosophy
Efficiency and accuracy in service delivery
Having a sense of urgency.
High sense of professionalism.
Using technology to provide innovative service delivery
Hard work and continuous personal development.
To offer value-priced Life Assurance and other financial products and services to meet the varying needs of the insuring public.
To be a well managed, financially sound and customer-oriented Life Assurance Company in Ghana.

Our Pledge

We pledge to guarantee our customers the peace of mind and financial security that comes in line with our mission, vision and core values.

... We inspire trust

QLAC is noted for

  • Development and aggressive marketing of innovative insurance products
  • Use of aggressive media campaign to promote the company’s name and products
  • Sponsorship of various seminars on topics related to risk management and financial security to enlightened corporate entities and the public at large about the benefits of insurance
  • Creation of culture of customer service within the company
  • Use of state of the art technology to endure efficient and effective delivery of services and
  • Sponsorship of charitable activities.

Brief History

Quality Life Assurance Company Limited (QLAC) was incorporated on 23rd October 2007. The Company commenced operation on the 1st of January 2008. Before then it was a department under the composite Quality Insurance Company Limited (QIC).

 In accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act, 2006 (Act 724), mandating Insurance Companies to separate the general insurance business from the life business, QLAC was established.

QLAC has the Catholic Bishops’ Conference as its majority shareholder.

For the majority of Ghana’s Insuring public, today’s QLAC is virtually unrecognizable from the life insurance company that opened its doors to them 11 years ago in 2008. QLAC is undoubtedly the finest and one of the preferred life insurers in Ghana today. QLAC offers a wide range of products and services for its individual and group clients

Indeed, QLAC profound transformation is not just in size but also the variety of  products and services it offers, as well as in its reach within Ghana .The company  is at the cutting-edge of insurance for businesses, group policies for large corporates,  local institutions and Churches It also has a strong retail catering for individuals

Driving all this, though, is the most pivotal superiority of all – excellent customer service quality, which is derived from the most technologically advanced and most widely applied digital software platform in use within the insurance industry today. This enables QLAC to offer the most customer-friendly product and service delivery channels, allowing individuals, private and public enterprises to carry out all their insurance activities from their homes, offices or simply through their mobile phones on the go.

QLAC prides itself as a socially responsible organization, making substantial church sponsorships across the country all year round. In furtherance of this, QLAC has recently been urging its policyholders and the insuring public to embrace technology in order to lessen the burden of moving around and also touching physical cash, with negative ramifications in this COVID-19 era. The company has therefore made available many options on its Digital platforms (Zeepay) for cash-lite and cashless insurance.